Re: No audio from Windows DVSwitch dashboard

Steve N4IRS

Check the webproxy log in /var/log/dvswitch.

On 5/17/2021 9:38 AM, David J Taylor via wrote:
On 17/05/2021 13:22, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Here are a couple of things to check:
In /opt/Analog_Bridge/Analog_Bridge.ini

pcmPort = 2222                          ; UDP port to send to the WebProxy

In /lib/systemd/system/webproxy.service

ExecStart=/usr/bin/node /opt/Web_Proxy/proxy.js 8080 2222

Steve N4IRS
Thanks, Steve.  Both checked and correct.  I tried using an iPad in case something in Windows was blocking the audio, but no joy there either. No restart attempted.

So I thought I would confirm that the Python client still worked - and it did - and then trying the RX Monitor again it started working.  Not sure I can explain that - somehow a path was opened.  I then tried the iPad and it was producing audio as well, although the button was briefly red, and the received audio was several seconds behind that from a hotpot.

At least I may have a work-round.

David GM8ARV

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