Re: No audio from Windows DVSwitch dashboard

David J Taylor

On 17/05/2021 16:05, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Check the webproxy log in /var/log/dvswitch.
Something appears to be causing log lines to be lost (at least as seen in Thunderbird here), so here's the message again this time with the log extract attached.


Thanks for that suggestion. Two extracts below - the first seems to
have a backwards time step, but it's from a couple of months back.

The second shows yesterday's tests (apparently using a server started an
March-19) and apparently sending data (audio packets, I guess)
correctly. Judging by the times in the log it seems that audio was
being sent, and that my Web browser wasn't receiving or processing it
until I ran the Python client once.

Unfortunately I didn't keep a careful note of the times! Oh, well!

David GM8ARV
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