an alternative method of installing DVswitch?

Justin Mann

I've just downloaded the latest dvswitch image, flashed it to an SD card, and put it on a pi.  So far so good.  However, I'd rather edit the .ini files Ineed by hand instead of using the menus, because when I look at the menus, using voiceover on the mac, I hear:
Vertical box, vertical box, vertical box, vertical box, vertical box, 1 "insert menuchoice" vertical box drawing,, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing
After I've made the desired menu choice I hear:
Vertical box down right, vertical box down right, vertical box down right, graphic, graphic, graphic, graphic, "insert submenu, and choice"...

I hope you get the picture. This is in no way the fault of those of you who have developed  DV-switch, this is the result of voiceover, the screen reader that I use on the Mac, not having enough smarts to deal with the emulated graphics.  Is there a way I can edit the necessary files I need for my installation straight from Terminal using something like nano?
I tried poking around in Terminal, when I logged in to the pie using ssh, however I can't find them. Where are they located?
I have all my information, DMR ID, CCS7 ID, Callsign, lat/lon etc.
Second is there an html version of the installation guide?  That would make it a whole lot easier to read straight from my computer, instead of having to export the file, converted to something else, etc.
Third, I'm going to install it now, without a Vocoder, and just use the software version.  I'm assuming that it should not be too hard to go back, and tell DV-switch that I do have a vocoder in the future?

Finally, I'm looking at the installation instructions for installing DV-switch on a mac, and you indicate where to download the Pyuc files from, explain that it will unzip to a specific directory, and recommend that users move it to a different directory, by indicating that the directory should look like this:
What is that suggested path?  I can't tell that from the pdf.
Thanks so much, I look forward to playing with this in some different configurations.  
All the best,

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