Re: an alternative method of installing DVswitch?

Justin Mann

So if I am using a Pi, do I still need the pyUc app installed on mac, or should simply pointing the browser to the pi’s address allow for audio setup etc?

On Jun 5, 2021, at 6:53 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

All of the .ini files can be edited. The dvs menu is intended to make it easier to use. All of the programs and .ini files are in /opt For example, MMDVM_Bridge is in /opt/MMDVM_Bridge and all of the configuration files are in the same directory. Pretty much a self contained unit. Feel free to ask questions so that we can help you get setup. Yes, you can tell DVSwitch to use the software vocoder at first and switch to hardware later. I suggest you not use D-Star without the hardware vocoder. it sounds really bad on TX and RX with software.

Hope this helps,
Steve N4IRS 

On 6/5/21 7:46 AM, Justin Mann via wrote:
I've just downloaded the latest dvswitch image, flashed it to an SD card, and put it on a pi.  So far so good.  However, I'd rather edit the .ini files Ineed by hand instead of using the menus, because when I look at the menus, using voiceover on the mac, I hear:
Vertical box, vertical box, vertical box, vertical box, vertical box, 1 "insert menuchoice" vertical box drawing,, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing, vertical box drawing
After I've made the desired menu choice I hear:
Vertical box down right, vertical box down right, vertical box down right, graphic, graphic, graphic, graphic, "insert submenu, and choice"...

I hope you get the picture. This is in no way the fault of those of you who have developed  DV-switch, this is the result of voiceover, the screen reader that I use on the Mac, not having enough smarts to deal with the emulated graphics.  Is there a way I can edit the necessary files I need for my installation straight from Terminal using something like nano?
I tried poking around in Terminal, when I logged in to the pie using ssh, however I can't find them. Where are they located?
I have all my information, DMR ID, CCS7 ID, Callsign, lat/lon etc.
Second is there an html version of the installation guide?  That would make it a whole lot easier to read straight from my computer, instead of having to export the file, converted to something else, etc.
Third, I'm going to install it now, without a Vocoder, and just use the software version.  I'm assuming that it should not be too hard to go back, and tell DV-switch that I do have a vocoder in the future?

Finally, I'm looking at the installation instructions for installing DV-switch on a mac, and you indicate where to download the Pyuc files from, explain that it will unzip to a specific directory, and recommend that users move it to a different directory, by indicating that the directory should look like this:
What is that suggested path?  I can't tell that from the pdf.
Thanks so much, I look forward to playing with this in some different configurations.  
All the best,

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