Re: YSF Reflector Going Offline - Garbled Callsign

Komkit Listisard


YSFReflector version 20210215 many of us are having the same issue with it,  where the reflector would crashed when user is unlinked from the reflector. My reflector would be up for long time and talk on it for hours but as soon as user(s) unlinked - it often crashed.

Some went back down to older version and live with either no IP logging issue or double logging issue but at no crashes. 

There is an opened issue about crashes on G4KLX github issue reports but I guess it was never got a looked at.

Myself went with and have not look back.  Very stable and have some cool features.  However it was written in Python3 instead of C++.

Give it a try or if you want to stick with G4KLX version I would suggest get the older version if you could live with the IP address bug.


73, Kit

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