Re: DMR Master?

Steve N4IRS

You do not need the LAN addresses for the 2 local nodes 54464 and 1999 but for now we will leave then as is.
On your DVSwitch Server, edit /opt/Analog_Bridge.ini
In the [USRP] stanza make these changes:

txPort = 31001                          ; Transmit USRP frames on this port
rxPort = 31001                          ; Listen for USRP frames on this port

Yes, you will loose access from the Android app (you will get it back)
on the DVSwitch Server as root:
apt update
apt upgrade

If any updates are applied, reboot.

Log back into DVSwitch Server
As root:
apt install analog-reflector
You will now configure Analog_Reflector <>
Keep it simple:
generate the ssl keys
add your user
change the mobilePort in Analog_Reflector.json to match your port settings in DVSwitch Mobile

You should again have access to DVSwitch Server from DVSwitch Mobile.
You can also play with the web interface of Analog_Reflector.

If you run into a problem, stop and ask. Once this is complete, we will connect the 2 servers together.
I will be unavailable until 7:00 PM tonight.

Steve N4IRS

On 6/11/2021 3:31 PM, Bryan Johnson wrote:
K. Thanks!

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