YSFReflector X commands causing BM loop ban

scot forshaw

Hi, I have a perfectly functional Brandmeister/Echolink/YSF/ASL(asterisk) crosslink node... with one exception...
When users on YSF use the X button and search/direct their system is sending multiple < 1 second packets that are tripping the BM loop ban...

Can anyone tell me what setting in what stanza in what ini file would ensure that "no tx less than 3 seconds makes it to BM'"

The reflector is pYSFReflector and the node is MMDV_Bridge, DVSWItCH Analog_bridge with MD380 Emu .. stable and good audio all apart from this. I think I have cured all the other modes I just cant seem to stop YSF stripping the ban.

Pulling my hair out now.


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