Re: YSFReflector X commands causing BM loop ban


If you are connected to a Ysfreflector one should not use the search and direct. All it does is send unwanted packets. Change using software or #number. If there is a Wires-x node connected it will talk back causing more packets. I use Wires-x to MB to MB to Ysfreflector  this blocks. Also Ysfreflector to MB to XLX to BM with no problems. All the unwanted packet stays on the Ysfreflector. If you have several hundred users connected and you get a few users pressing the search and direct between overs all you get is upset radio hams.

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Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2021 7:08:12 AM
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Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] YSFReflector X commands causing BM loop ban
Out of interest I checked if this happens on other reflectors particularly America Link and it does. When I connect to AL, and watch the traffic on dashboard I can see that pressing "Search & Direct" or interacting with the wires X part of my FT3 causes 0 seconds TX packets on the AL reflector.. I think this needs addressing at pYSFReflector code level. I am going to contact the author or have a go at coding a delay myself. Maybe a pi-star setting could prevent it?

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