SHARI TO BM VIA DVSWITCH ON ASL #brandmeister #analog_bridge


Relatively New ALLSTAR user hereā€¦
I have setup my SHARI on RPi4 to connect to ALLSTAR, ECHOLINK and then Brandmeister using ASL and DVSWITCH. EVERYTHING works fine except when I try to use my radio to connect to SHARI
node and listen to the DMR channel 91 active on DVSWITCH SHARI node, I get no audio in from DMR CH 91. I can transmit to SHARI and hear the transmission come out on the SHARI ALLSTAR node, but nothing from DMR. I do see all the traffic on DMR TG91 if I connect to the web browser for the node SHARI is running on - get the DASHBOARD fine.
Can someone please help ?

Thank you


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