Noob, wishing to tap into the wisdom here

mark weisenfeld

Hey guys (gals), 

I have a desire/dream to build a device wherein I connect a UHF FM radio & antenna to, an interface board, a Raspberry Pi, and then some sort of spkr/mic/PTT arrangement that will allow me to TX/RX in the 3 major digital protocols (DMR/D-Star/YSF), all from the same setup.
I do not expect to do all these at once. Even if I had to reboot the device to switch modes, just as long as it could do all 3, that would be fine.

I have the 
STM32_DVM_v4, a Pi 3 B+, and one of those DV300U USB sticks from

I have been a software dev/dev-ops/tech svcs worker for over 20 years.
I have both mocked people who say it, and also said myself,  "It can't be that hard." 

Can you point me in the right direction in this group?



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