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Except that nothing mandates the use of MMDVMHost in this setup, only the MMDVM firmware on the modem or hotspot board.  For example, M17Client doesn't use MMDVMHost to talk to the MMDVM board, it talks to the firmware on the board directly.

On 22/6/21 9:37 am, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Actually, it's not about the switching, it's about MMDVMHost not being a repeater client. It will be a repeater, but not a client.

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The basic idea will work for all modes except DMR.  In fact, there now exists an implementation that uses a MMDVM modem (can use a hotspot board for QRPP) into a 9600 bps capable radio.  Currently, this sort of modem only exists for M17, but other modes could conceivably be added.  Some modes (especially D-STAR) would also require a hardware AMBE vocoder, such as a ThumbDV.  DMR deserves special mention, because of the T/R switching requirements for proper repeater operation, as you alluded to.

There was an announcement abour M17Client on the OpenDV group.  I've been testing M17Client with a Repeater Builders MMDVM modem and a Yaesu FT-8900 with great results.  I have been using this with a MMDVM based repeater that I have on test here.

On 22/6/21 8:31 am, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Doable? Yes. Some problems, accessing a DMR repeater comes to mind. DMR simplex will work. The hotspot board is low power. DVSwitch Server, Maybe Hblink, MMDVMHost. I'm on my phone so limited answer.

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Hey guys (gals), 

I have a desire/dream to build a device wherein I connect a UHF FM radio & antenna to, an interface board, a Raspberry Pi, and then some sort of spkr/mic/PTT arrangement that will allow me to TX/RX in the 3 major digital protocols (DMR/D-Star/YSF), all from the same setup.
I do not expect to do all these at once. Even if I had to reboot the device to switch modes, just as long as it could do all 3, that would be fine.

I have the 
STM32_DVM_v4, a Pi 3 B+, and one of those DV300U USB sticks from

I have been a software dev/dev-ops/tech svcs worker for over 20 years.
I have both mocked people who say it, and also said myself,  "It can't be that hard." 

Can you point me in the right direction in this group?



73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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