Re: Noob, wishing to tap into the wisdom here

mark weisenfeld

Wow, so encouraging! Thanks.

Ok, so I do have a ThumbDV, I just referred to it by another nomenclature.              <joke class="obscure"> does it have an NSN? </joke>.

Also, fortunately, I did buy a really good DMR HT before realizing that I need something that does the other 'stuff' digital. So I can operate for a while with DMR function waiting until later.

So, This tells me what I need to do is get all this fired up and running so I can start to interact with y'all on the level you are familiar (acronyms and such).
Let me dive into it and with the confidence that it is not wasted time and see how it goes.

Glad to hear the FT-8900 will work. I have a couple of radios that do narrow, but their ability to TX/RX wide data is questionable. If using the data port and the 9600 baud pin on the FT-8900 is sufficient then that will help.

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