DVSwitch Client does not receive

Gareth GM0WUR

Hi All, 
I’m really hoping someone in this group can help me because I’m tearing my hair out. 

I’ve followed every version of the instructions I can find, every tutorial on YouTube yet I can’t make this system work.

ok so firstly I have DVSwitch server running on my Raspberry pi. It works - it’s connected to brandmister  no problems, I can connect the pyUC client via my Mac or PC and that works and I’ve even had one short QSO to the USA.

then we come to the client program on android. I’ve loaded the latest version on to my brand new t320 network radio from Moonraker. I’ve set it up as per the instructions.

and this is where it all goes a bit screwball.

the switch server sees the client, I can change talk groups, if I press PTT the servers diagnostic webpage shows PTT and if you enable the RX monitor function on the servers webpage I can hear my voice.

but…. Receive doesn’t work on the client. The Server is getting traffic, as I’ve said above but nothing is going to the DVSwitch client, it doesn’t show anything on screen, no indication of traffic, no receive audio nothing.

I am at a total loss . Can someone help me please.

many thanks Gareth GM0WUR

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