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Steve N4IRS

Here is a follow up to this.
I was able to connect to his VPS with DVSwitch Mobile. Gareth found a issue with his wifi / LAN configuration. I'll let him explain.
Gareth, to answer your other question, you can share your DVSwitch Server with your father. You will want to add Analog_Reflector.

Steve N4IRS

On 6/30/21 9:56 PM, steelegwds@... wrote:
I'm just adding my current testing results.

Ok in an effort to rule out even the absurd. I've gone and paid for a VPS server for a month just to install DVSwitch - I figured lets try a full Deban server outside my LAN really can't do more than that.

So Installed DV Switch and configured it. No problems there it all fired up first time.

Change the config on my Laptop for the pyUC client set the TX and RX ports correctly (TX 50111, RX 50112) this matches the cloud servers settings in Analog_Bridge.ini - as I said before I noticed that using the same port number for both on the mobile client it never registers but different ports it does register (why I have no idea).

Anyway fire up pyUC and bingo! it works first time no faults. I can watch the DVSwitch Dashboard, connect to Parrot system etc etc all works - Two way audio as expected.

So then we move on to the DVSwitch client, just to rule out every possible glitch I can think of IT wise, I connected my t320 to my next-door neighbours WiFi (yes I had permission) configured the App with the appropriate ports and the IP address of the cloud server. It registered! if I enter talk group numbers and press send, Looking at DVSwitch Dashboard sure enough the talk group changes.

Try to transmit, again DVSwitch Dashboard indicates its receiving me and doing it's thing. But when say Parrot system trys to replay my test transmission, it shows in DVSwitch Dashboard but the Mobile Client App stays totally quiet no sign of live, no messages on screen nothing.... Dead as a Dodo.

So wanting to rule out an issue with the t320, I've now gotten hold of both an older Android Phone and a Nvida Shield Android Tablet - Installed DVSwitch client on them both, settings etc - same test... same results, can TX fine, can control the DVSwitch ok. But receive anything from the DVSwitch = NOPE.

The last test I did showed how totally Bonkers this is - Connected Laptop to DVSwitch in the Cloud via the pyUC via one internet connection, then connected the Mobile Client via another internet connection.... Used the Mobile client to transmit to the Parrot system - again Dashboard showed the TX working. Then when parrot replayed my transmission - The mobile client just sat there an did nothing, but the pyUC Client played out my voice and showed me the appropriate data in it's log window.

Talk about weird ass problem lol, anyone have a suggestion here? Steve I know your busy but is anyone else out there that has any ideas?

Praying for a Miracle.
Gareth GM0WUR

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