Truncated DMR audio

Danny Lloyd

I have an allstar link setup with mmdvm bridge (1.63) and analog bridge (1.6.1).  I use thumbdv for the vocoder, all running on a RPI 4.    I am connecting to 3104 master.

Everything has worked great for the past several months.  (No changes or updates)  This morning DMR users reported only hearing the first 1 to 2 seconds of dmr audio from the bridge.  I connected my hotspot to the talk group and sure enough - when someone talks on the analog side, the connected dmr users only hear the first 2 seconds.

The logs for MB and AB indicate that we are transmitting much more voice data than 2 seconds.  There are no errors in those two logs.

I tried a reboot, however, that did not change the operation.  I have though about changing masters to see if that helped.

Anyone else seen anything like this or has a suggestion?


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