Re: MMDVM_Bridge Updates #mmdvm_bridge

David - AK2L

Hi Ben,

I am not handling that part.

Once a week, I use MMDVM_Bridge to connect one of my YSF reflectors (A) to another YSF reflector (B) so that my local club members can participate in a net.  YSF reflector (B) is bridged to a WIRES-X room by the net operators.  (I don't know how.)

The problem:  Last week I attempted to check-in to the net.  My call sign appeared on the dashboard of YSF reflector (B), but net control did not hear me.

The issue could be in my Pi-Star software, the YSF reflector software, the MMDVM_Bridge software or the YSF-to-WIRES-X bridge.  I'm just trying to narrow it down.  Next week I plan to connect directly to the remote reflector without the bridge to see if that helps.

Edit: Add missing component

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