Upgrade Path Advice #best_practices #dmrlink

Bill Atkinson

I have an existing stretch VM running:
  • P25Gateway version 20180409
  • P25Reflector version 20161101
  • P25Parrot version unknown, no support for --version, --help, etc.
  • Quantar_Bridge version unknown, no support for --version, --help, etc.
  • Dashboard version 20180428-HACK

My goal is to get up to the latest code base for all involved models.  It appears that this install was done a few years ago using the old MMDVM-Install process.

Should I try and backup/update on this machine or start with a new VM and fresh install then migrate my configs?

I did try the latter and following the DVSwitch-System-Builder process outlined here: https://github.com/DVSwitch/DVSwitch-System-Builder

But despite the statement of, "You now have the COMPLETE DVSwitch Server installed.," I noticed that I did not have the P25Reflector installed.  So does that mean that I still need to piece things together to get an updated version of what I currently have?  If so, what's the best repository to pull from?

Thoughts and/or advice appreciated.

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