Re: DVSwitch Status update

J P Watters <kc9kko@...>

Steve N4IRS,

Now you really have my attention. I have a pair of V.24 boards(P25NX version). Where do I find out how to configure things for the "MMDVM P25 Network". The P25NX network configuration seemed complicated to the point of questioning how reliable it would be. 

I will have to look at the version of the dual ethernet cisco router that I have on the scrap heap. It came out of a new fiber node a couple of years ago that was that was installed and decommissioned after a month. 

I have a APX portable that I have to keep handy for the public service side of life. P25 phase 2 rollout that was scheduled for last march, still in the going to roll out mode.  This would allow me to program a configuration for our UHF quantar repeater and link it to DMR talk groups.

WOW, one radio, for work and hobby.  And 0xFE receive for everybody!!!

Morris, IL

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