Re: a version of dvswitch you can control with your browser?

Steve N4IRS

On 8/7/21 4:28 PM, Justin Mann via wrote:
Are there HTML equivalence of the PDF documentation that y'all put up in this group for dvswitch? I'm just looking for something that's a little easier, because PDF files don't work so well when using them with a screen reader on the Mac. My goal is to get this installed on my VSP, and be able to access this from either a mobile browser, or my computer, and control bridging in and out of my XLX reflector.
On Aug 7, 2021, at 15:17, Steve N4IRS <> wrote:


On 8/7/21 1:50 PM, Justin Mann via wrote:
Where could I find some good instructions to get it installed on my VSP? I’m thinking that I could use this to do some bridging far easier than what I’m doing now?

On Aug 7, 2021, at 1:49 PM, Patrick Perdue <> wrote:
That would be Analog_Reflector.

You can install it along-side DVSwitch server.

On 8/7/2021 1:44 PM, Justin Mann via wrote:
I was working with a fellow ham last night, and he showed me a version of DV switch that I could totally control from my browser from across the country. I was using an iPhone I went to the web address of the dvswitch, and I could control everything using Safari. What itteration of dvswitch is this? Can I install it on a Linode thatI have where my xlx reflector resides?

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