Advice For a Noobie on Design/Configuration

Dan Ozment

I have an XLX reflector that is currently working great with DSTAR, DMR, and Fusion links.  The XLX reflector runs on a Digital Ocean Droplet (cloud-based), and I have NWDigital AMBE dongles on a Raspberry Pi 4 at home doing the transcoding two/from DSTAR.  My understanding is that DMR and Fusion transcoding is happening on the reflector.

I also have an AllStar node running on a Pi 3B and physically attached to one four linked repeaters to keep it connected to AllStar and Echolink.


I would like to add a link from the XLX reflector to the Allstar node so that we can  connect it to our analog repeater (if the need arises – but not permanently). My plan has been to install and fully configure DVServer, but had the thought last night that I really only need DVServer to talk to Allstar and our DMR talk group. 


Is it as simple as that? 

Is there a reason for me to consider moving all of the transcoding to DVServer and away from XLXD while establishing a link from DVServer to the XLX reflector? 

From what I’ve read it sounds like I could run DVServer could run on the same Pi as Allstar.  Is that advisable?

Thanks for any direction or advice!





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