Re: running the dvs command?

Steve N4IRS

The callsign gets uppercased when it's written to the config fies. It does not hurt to enter it uppercase. Yes, tab, shift tab to move.

On 8/8/21 6:25 PM, Justin Mann via wrote:
Yes… that did work. SO now I’m in the menus, and voiceover, which is my screen-reader kinda sorta reads things, but because I’m in a terminal window it tracks kind of weird. Theoretically I’m assuming that I should be able to use tab, and shift-tab to move around different selections, and I’m assuming your callsign should be in all uppercase?
On Aug 8, 2021, at 6:12 PM, Steve N4IRS <> wrote:

The dvs directory should be in your path once you installed and rebooted. The dvs scripts are in /usr/local/dvs

On 8/8/21 6:06 PM, Justin Mann via wrote:
Folks, I’m trying to run the dvs command after I’ve followed the instructions to install dvswitch on my pi4. what directory should I change to to run this command? This is not a card that is natively formatted for dvswitch, I’ve added the repository to apt, and installed from there. The plan is to install analog_reflector once this is done.

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