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Steve N4IRS

The Quantar is a great repeater for analog and P25. The work David and others did to extract the data from the Quantar really helped everybody move thing along with networking Quantars. The thing that bothered us was no support for anything other then a Quantar like repeater. The MMDVM P25 network is continuing to grow. With support for home brew repeaters and hot spots, new people are getting on daily. Are all signals perfect? Heck no! I'm not enough of a purest to worry about that too much.

What we did, was leverage the work P25NX did to extract the P25 frames from the Quantar using the Cisco router. Instead of sending that data via VPN to one of the P25NX reflectors, we package up the P25 frames as a MMDVM would like to see them and send them on to a MMDM P25 reflector. It's quite simple in it's application.  The one thing people need to understand is that this is P25 ONLY. That is not to say Quantar_Bridge could not be connected to one of the other _Bridge programs to connect to a DMR, NXDN, or YSF narrow network. For the best audio quality, we feel either stay P25 or YSF wide, since they are both IMBE and not transcoding is required.

As for the Cisco router, you need support for tunneling the serial data. The STUN data is sent to a connected host where the IMBE is extracted and re-packaged. I won't recreate the great documentation P25NX did on setting up the Quantar and Router but I will post links to the forums where the discussion is happening. BTW, I'm no Cisco expert, I can spell enable... I think we can simplify some of the configuration P25NX does to the Cisco just to make it easier to understand.

73, Steve N4IRS


On 4/13/2018 11:27 AM, J P Watters wrote:
Steve N4IRS,

Now you really have my attention. I have a pair of V.24 boards(P25NX version). Where do I find out how to configure things for the "MMDVM P25 Network". The P25NX network configuration seemed complicated to the point of questioning how reliable it would be. 

I will have to look at the version of the dual ethernet cisco router that I have on the scrap heap. It came out of a new fiber node a couple of years ago that was that was installed and decommissioned after a month. 

I have a APX portable that I have to keep handy for the public service side of life. P25 phase 2 rollout that was scheduled for last march, still in the going to roll out mode.  This would allow me to program a configuration for our UHF quantar repeater and link it to DMR talk groups.

WOW, one radio, for work and hobby.  And 0xFE receive for everybody!!!

Morris, IL

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