Re: Advice For a Noobie on Design/Configuration


On 9/8/21 5:02 am, Dan Ozment wrote:

I have an XLX reflector that is currently working great with DSTAR, DMR, and Fusion links.  The XLX reflector runs on a Digital Ocean Droplet (cloud-based), and I have NWDigital AMBE dongles on a Raspberry Pi 4 at home doing the transcoding two/from DSTAR.  My understanding is that DMR and Fusion transcoding is happening on the reflector.

I also have an AllStar node running on a Pi 3B and physically attached to one four linked repeaters to keep it connected to AllStar and Echolink.


I would like to add a link from the XLX reflector to the Allstar node so that we can  connect it to our analog repeater (if the need arises – but not permanently). My plan has been to install and fully configure DVServer, but had the thought last night that I really only need DVServer to talk to Allstar and our DMR talk group. 


Is it as simple as that? 

It _could_ be done that way.  However, it is likely that audio on at least one of the modes (most likely D-STAR) would be suboptimal.  The reason is that D-STAR audio has to go through AMBE+ then transcoded to AMBE+2, before finally ending up as PCM for AllStar.  However, this involves the least disruption to your existing setup.  It's a pity that you can't extract PCM over USRP out of xlxd, as that would be the ideal solution.  Try it and see if you like the result.

Is there a reason for me to consider moving all of the transcoding to DVServer and away from XLXD while establishing a link from DVServer to the XLX reflector? 

Best audio across the system is obtained when every mode is only one vocoder removed from PCM.  However, this would require some reorganisation to separate DMR from D-STAR into separate modules on the reflector, since the reflector would no longer be able to transcode the streams.

From what I’ve read it sounds like I could run DVServer could run on the same Pi as Allstar.  Is that advisable?

I have done it on a PC.  Haven't tried on a Pi, but I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work.
73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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