Re: Break this "stuff" into sub groups. #poll

Rob WX1N

Hi Steve and all,


I only lurk, as I am not currently in need of assistance and have no experience to contribute.  However, I find reading the variety of topics that come through to be informative, and give me some background info should I wander into any of the areas that are being addressed.  So I would like to see things remain in one group, but I would defer my vote to more active users and their feelings on the matter.




Rob, WX1N


From: <> On Behalf Of Steve N4IRS
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2018 11:46 AM
Subject: [DVSwitch] Break this "stuff" into sub groups. #poll


A new poll has been created:

We have just crossed 200 registered users! Though, most people are just lurking. I'm very happy with GroupsIO but I wonder if it's time to breakup the message traffic into sub groups. I did create a "support" subgroup (Is that even the right word?)
What does everybody think? While I have your attention, PLEASE edit you diosplay name to include your call. 

1. Yes, separate the message traffic by subject.
2. No I don't want to search through subgroups to find what I need.
3. I could not care less.

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