Re: server hacked

Steve Siesel [K4KSA]

What was you pervious host server? I have seen strange activity on Nfoservers..


On Aug 22, 2021, at 5:06 PM, Kevin Halton <KA1MXL@...> wrote:

Well  what a great day it has been. Woke up this morning and found that my DVS server was hacked over night. I dumped that server and installed a new one on Vultr. I followed the instructions I had used on the prior install and nothing seems to work.

These are the directions I followed 
 sudo chmod +x buster
 sudo ./buster
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install dvswitch-server
Once the install is complete, reboot the server.Enter "dvs" (no quotes) in a terminal window to start the dvswitch menu system.

I logged into server and went thru each option. I am using a T320 network radio to connect, which on the surface appears that I do connect. I cannot access dashboard, when I enter commands via radio I get no feedback, I hear no audio.

I have attempted this more times then I can count and end up with the same result. I am 99.99% positive it is "OE" but am stumped.

I have included log files in hope maybe someone sees what I am missing. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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