Re: P25 Integration via AllStar Link

Steve N4IRS

This is heating up more then I would have expected. Looking back over one of my first answers, we need to simplify connecting a Quantar P25 to AllStarLink. Mike, N4IRR and I will have to go over it to see what should be done to Quantar Bridge to simplify the Partners needed. Quantar will need to act more like a traditional DVSwitch Partner think it can look something like this:
Quantar (V.24 board) <---> Cisco <---> Analog_bridge <---> AllstarLink.
At least for the foreseeable future, the Cisco will still be required. I am using the 1841. It's at end of life but it's quite available on eBay and the hardware and software can be upgraded to do the job. I will say of the digital voice modes, P25 is one of the best choices to connect to a analog network due to the improved voice quality. The same can be said for Yaesu wide since they are both IMBE.

73, Steve N4IRS        

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