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On 31/8/21 11:37 am, GB7NR Support wrote:

Hi. Wondering if any work is in the pipeline for M17 support. I think
now the time is right to really get my teeth into M17 and have been
quite impressed so far with the amount of support it is getting.
Especially from main stream developers such as Jon G4KLX. I’m
wondering wether the time is right to start looking into this for the
DV-Switch repo and suite of tools so that it gives us more tools to
play around with the mode via DV-Switch. Thanks for all you do Steve,,
and the crew @ DV Switch!
You can add M17 to a DVSwitch installation, but you have to use third
party software, and have an Analog_Reflector installation.  The software
is called USRP2M17.  It does have a couple of limitations:

1.  Currently, there is no way to easily initiate a connection to a
specific reflector on the fly, but USRP2M17 is good for linking to a
fixed reflector.

2.  USRP2M7 doesn't seem to recover from reflector or network outages
and needs to be restarted to reconnect.

Within those limitations, it works well.

Ideally, M17 support in Analog_Bridge would be nice, and I'd switch to
AB in a heartbeat, if M17 support is added.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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