Re: P25 North America reflector

Robert Bretzman

Steve, I am not aware of any other reflector with that many clients connected. Maybe a good test would be to try to see if we can get a large group connected on a different reflector and see if the issue follows. I have thought that the l# of clients connected just might have something to do with it. Just let me know If I can help the troubleshooting process in any way.

On Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 3:56 PM Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:
Can you or anyone else point to another reflector with 150+ connections? I have been told that NA TAC1 works great. That reflector is running the same binary on the same host. I listened to a conversation yesterday where 2 stations were complaining about about having problems hearing each other. I heard both station without a problem. Another local user listening on a Quantar reported having no problem listening to the conversation.

On 9/11/21 2:33 PM, Robert Bretzman wrote:
Bottom line there is something going on that is not normal. I am no expert but I do know many are having the same issue including myself. I would like to see everyone working together to get to the bottom of this. Stations that have issues have switched to different talkgroups and the issue goes away. I know KC1LKO Miguel is looking at the code and has found several errors. I would like to see talk group 10200 work better as it used to as I know it can. It worked very well when it was first tested on my old BM talkgroup so something has changed. Also remember the problem is intermittent.


On Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 1:49 PM Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:
How would someone elses gateway effect what you receive unless the person you are listening to is misconfigured.

On 9/11/21 1:16 PM, AK4FD (David) via wrote:
So just to clarify, I don’t think MY traffic is of issue.  My hotspot functions fine on every other Talkgroup I use.  I think the issue is one, or some, of those 150+ gateways that are connected.  Either their equipment isn’t set up right or isn’t configured correctly, or what have you.  I’d say half of all the QSO’s on my hotspot dashboard I see all have packet loss in the red...  

Somewhere, that data isn’t being passed thru correctly and it’s causing me to hear words being dropped out or even repeated twice like the data bits got stuck like a broken record.  I’m not sure how resource-intensive P25 is as far as passing data over IP but it stands to reason that with 150+ gateways of various modes such as analog, DMR, Fusion/Wires-X, NXDN, and whatever else there is connected, during the conversion to P25 there would be some data bits being lost.  To me that seems like a lot of connections even if they were all P25 which they’re not.  Bottom line is I would like to see participation and usage of the Talkgroup be much better because it has potential, but I’ve heard numerous people say they don’t use it anymore because of all the  data “problems”, so I would like to try and figure out where the issues are occurring... 

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