Re: P25 North America reflector

Corey Dean N3FE

That sounds more like the packers are out of order.  Good luck finding that in the internet between point a and b.

On Sep 12, 2021, at 4:56 PM, AK4FD (David) via <AK4FD@...> wrote:

So this is a QSO that just took place on NA 10200.  These 2 operators apparently could hear each other just fine, but as you will hear on my end it sounds like digital garble.  And all of my other talkgroups work fine whether it be P25 or DMR, so it can’t be my settings that are off otherwise they would be off everywhere else not just this 1 Talkgroup...  I’m wondering if it’s possible one or some of these 150+ connected links either aren’t processing the data streams correctly or maybe there is a setting off somewhere on their end.  I don’t think it’s the North America server issue I really do think it’s an issue with one of the connected bridges/links.  But listen for yourself, I’ve attached the audio file to this message, it’s 1 minute long.  Hopefully that may help you guys in trying to figure out these audio issues everyone keeps reporting...
<20210912 162024.m4a>

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