Re: DVSwitch.ini was not found #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Show your complete mmdvm_bridge.service

On 9/15/2021 6:52 AM, Komkit Listisard via wrote:


In mmdvm_bridge.service I set an environment to Environment=DVSwitch=/opt/MMDVM_Bridge4/DVSwitch4.ini

The file is there working directory is there.

But mmdvm_bridge4 log is telling the DVSWitch.ini was not found.  However I told it to look for DVSwitch4.ini. But it kept looking for DVSwitch.ini

But as soon as I copied DVSwitch4.ini to DVSwitch.ini without number 4, the mmdvm_bridge4 is happy like a pig in the mud, no issue no complaint.

What am I missing here? Why couldn't I use DVSwitch4.ini.

For the record.  I have DVSwitch1, 2 and 3 running of sepatate instances, they all working fine no issue.

This time with #4 all of the sudden I am having and issue, I could not figured it out. 

73, Kit

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