Re: Macro result was 512 #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Let's verify that D is executing what you think it is.
in dvsm.macro change D to:
D=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ "version ALL >/tmp/out.txt"

Run the macro and see if you get the 512 result. If not, what is the contents of /tmp/out.txt

On 9/16/21 6:12 AM, Geoff wrote:
Thank you for coming back to me.
The following are my macro settings in dvsm.macro

A=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "1961@...:62031"
B=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "1961@...:62031"
C=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "PASSWORD@...:55555:StartRef=4570;RelinkTime=120;UserLink=1;TS2_1=450;TS2_2=518"
D=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "PASSWORD@...:55555:StartRef=4570;RelinkTime=120;UserLink=1;TS1_1=5;TS2_1=505;TS2_2=3802"

If I issue the command at the prompt, it connects to the desired DMR+ server as shown below :-
~$ sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "1961@...:55555:StartRef=4570;RelinkTime=120;UserLink=1;TS1_1=5;TS2_1=505;TS2_2=3802"

However, when I issue macro "*D", I get "macro result was 512" and can not connect to the server.

Thank you.

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