Re: Macro result was 512 #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

I don't know of a limitation on size, but it's possible. Put the command in a script and cal teh script from dvsm.macro

On 9/16/21 6:17 PM, Geoff wrote:

To answer your question, the latest version of MMDVM_Bridge (V1.6.8) installed to /opt/MMDVM_Bridge. is in /opt/Analog_Bridge not in /opt/MMDVM_Bridge so it is in one location only.
The version of dvswitch is v1.6.1.

What I have tried a few different things this morning :-
C=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "PASSWORD@...:55555:StartRef=4570;RelinkTime=120;UserLink=1;TS2_1=450;TS2_2=518"
D=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "PASSWORD@...:55555:StartRef=4570;RelinkTime=120;UserLink=1;TS1_1=5;TS2_1=505;TS2_2=3802;TS2_3=3803"

Above two macro scripts are the original in dvsm.macro file.
I have renamed C to D and D to C and tried to execute the macro D connects buit not C.

It seemed that there is something wrong with the macro D script.
I then tried to shorten the macro D script to :-

D=sudo /opt/Analog_Bridge/ tune "PASSWORD@...:55555:StartRef=4570;RelinkTime=120;UserLink=1;TS2_1=505;TS2_2=3802"

Now, I don't have any issues and connects to D. I have tried multiple times and every time it connects.

What does this tell?

I don't think there was any syntax error in my original macro D script.
I just had to remove a couple of TGs to get the D working.

Is there any restriction as to how long a script can be?

Thank you.

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