Re: P25 North America reflector

Steve N4IRS

I don't have any usage stats between the different modes so you could be correct that P25 usage is lower so not as fully vetted.
The switching from reflector to reflector can be a valid test since 10201 is running on the same host as 10200, running the exact same binary (3 instances) on the same network. The ONLY difference is the number of connected gateways.  The interesting report is that on the very same transmission, 2 listening stations can report different results. One reports bad audio while the other reports no issue. Testing continues....

On 9/18/21 10:26 AM, Miguel wrote:

Not sure but maybe this msg should say "net queue" ? Have not yet studied this code enough...

Also.... this number may grow too big?

My intuition (which could be wrong) tells me that there has not been as much traffic/usage on p25 over mmdvmhost code as there has been with dmr/ysf/dstar and thus there may be "issues" lurking in there... You already know about the two that I found last month.... one of those was pretty bad but it does expose the "maturity" and "time-tested-ness" of the code base.

For what is worth though... I had a qso with a station at one point on 10200 then immediately switch to another reflector and no issues.... same hotspot, radios, etc... I guess people can do that test just the same by going to 10201 and see.... Some had said that the number of stations to which the packets need to be reflected may be an influence (the reflector I have only has about 30 active signed on hotspots...). Not sure myself...


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