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Bridge (Crosslink-Transcoding) between XLX reflector and DMR TG BrandMeister By Al Mesa ·
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Analog to DMR - almost there! 7 messages By Dan Keizer ·
digital links By JR Riner ·
Connection problem on Brandmeister PH5151 26 messages By ramon paulino ·
Multiple private nodes one cloud server using DVSwitch Mobile - Audio Issues. 21 messages By Willie Sandin ·
Can you use MMDVM bridge to link DMR to YSF on Brandmeister? By @hamzahradio ·
locked sticky Notice to all DVSwitch users. By Steve N4IRS ·
What could have caused this series of 0 second transmissions? 2 messages By @hamzahradio ·
#brandmeister How can I link YSFReflector to BM talkgroup? 3 messages By @BH4ERY ·
ASL (or DMR) to YSF By Jon KM8V ·
MMDVM_Bridge [INFO] for brandmeister 7 messages By Steve N4IRS ·
Brandmeister TG to XLX Bridge ini files #brandmeister 'mmdvm 3 messages By Dave M0UPM ·
Allstar <--> DMR & DVSWITCH Was working... 6 messages By Brad N8PC ·
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