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Discuss DMRlink, HBlink, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and Mobile
The *official* place to go for discussion/support for DMRlink, HBlink, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and coming real soon...
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  • DVSwitch | AVSwitch
    TBD for later
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  • DVSwitch | DMRlink
    PROJECT: Open Source IPSC Client. PURPOSE: Understanding IPSC, building an open-source IPSC "stack", troubleshooting IPSC performance issues, and as a basis to easily write applications such as logging, bridging, etc.
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  • DVSwitch AllStar
    Build a more DVSwitch centric version of Asterisk and app_rpt with a emphasis on better integration between AllStar and DVSwitch. This fork is located on github and will reflect our (any your) thoughts on what we want out of the AllStar side of the bridges. Your thoughts on AllStar and DVSwitch Mobile also welcome.
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  • HBlink: HomeBrew repeater protocol networking tools
    HBlink provides a suite of programs for building and extending existing networks that use the Home-brew Repeater Protocol and OpenBridge protocols. These protocols are most commonly associated with MMDVM and the Brandmeister and DMR+ networks. The hblink3 repository is where current development is taking place, and is the Python 3 version of this project. HBlink is not a "plug and play" program to build DMR networks. It is a collection of programs built on top of a common protocol stack contained in These are Python 3 applications. To use them, you will need some pre-requisite knowledge of how Python applications and modules work together, and you'll need basic skills using a command line interface in unix-like operating systems.
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  • DVSwitch | Mobile
    Discuss the DVSwitch Mobile applications
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  • DVSwitch | OpenBridge
    OpenBridge is a protocol originall created by DMR+ for connection between an IPSC2 server and Brandmeister. It has been implemented at the suggestion of the Brandmeister team as a way to legitimately connect HBlink to the Brandemiester network.
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  • DVSwitch | Quantar-Bridge
    Discuss connecting Motorola P25 repeaters (Quantar) with the MMDVM P25 Network.
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  • DVSwitch | Server
    Welcome to DVSwitch-Server discussion Demonstration System ( ) Current DVSwitch-Server image zip file ( ) Current zip file contents ( ) Introductory video ( ) Installation and configuration video ( ) Configure DVSM ( ) Advanced Configuration ( )
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  • DVSwitch | allstarlink
    Discuss deployment and configuration of AllStarLink as it will be used with other DVSwitch Partners for bridging to digital networks.
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