Dongle mode with md380-emu

Rakesh Peter <raxpeter@...>

Hello folks ! 

Just getting used to the homebrew DV tools... came across the DVswitch repo and looks amazing work. 

I was experimenting with MMDVM Bridge and Analog Bridge (the new docs are really helpful) and was trying to listen to the BM network using USB sound card on a RasPi3.  I had moderate success in hearing the audio stream, although the decoding was not at all clear. I had to use OSSPD to emulate /dev/dsp, and not quite sure whether the improper decode was due to issues in emulation. I tried to use Portaudio, but couldn't figure out how to specify the device or interface. Kindly let us know how to specify that.

Also I read that there are two software decoders based on MD380-emu and OP25 decoder. How do I choose between them so as to evaluate performance ? 

Last but not least, is the MD-380 emulator server compatible with AMBEServer (hardware dongle) protocol  ? From my prelim tests, it doesn't seem so. Is it possible to make it compatible or do some sort of bridging, so that we can experiment with BlueDV as well for decoding DV streams? If you can give pointers to do that, I can as well try my hand at coding ;)

Keep up the amazing work !

Cheers and Namasthe from India...

73s de Rakesh VU3RGP