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I have it on good authority that Brandmeister will be happy with us if we implement OpenBridge for connections to their servers and stop masquerading as MMDVM repeaters. That’s fair, and I’m pleased to have a path forward that causes them less consternation about our software.

I’ve asked Steve (Because he’s really good at this kind of stuff) to try and get some real documentation on Home-brew Repeater Protocol as BM implements it, which will help a lot. The problem today is that the only protocol specification I have is from the branch of HBP that DMR+ documented, while MMDVM and BM have moved in a slightly different direction. The document I have is incomplete, has errors we had to figure out, and at best speaks a strange dialect. The existing BM additions to HBP and documentation on OpenBridge reference the deltas between them and HBP…. without accurate base HBP protocol specifications, implementing changes to it are a bit shaky.

Why am I saying all of that? To let you all know this is going to take a little work before the real works starts.

And… to this end, I’m putting previous top priority (voice telemetry) on hold while I work on this. As soon as I resolve a structural issue with moving to client identification based on socket address instead fo radio id, OpenBridge work will begin.

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