ASL to DSTAR Documentation? #best_practices


I am new to the group. I have searched high and low and have not been able to find any good setup documents to setup a bridge from ASL to DSTAR. Looking at the posts I see this can all be done now with MMDVM_Bridge and Audio_Bridge.

Today I have setup a ASL to DMR bridge on a raspberryPI and that is working great. I followed this documentation to get that working:

 I would also like to setup a ASL to DSTAR bridge on the same raspberryPI and have it assigned to a second ASL node number. Any documentation on how to do this?

Thank you!

Bill NG1P
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Ken KE2N

I recall reading that the DSTAR emulation is not very good and use of hardware is recommended in the case of DSTAR.  You can still run your bridge in the cloud, but you will need some hardware running the AMBE daemon with one of the dongle type devices. We do that for XLX725, for example - it seems to be pretty reliable, at least with the services we use....