#best_practices dmr To dstar #best_practices

Pierre Martel

Hi all!

I have seen many ways of doing a bridge from dmr to dstar. Like the saying all roads lead to Rome.

But I want to have some versatility in my design.

Let say I connect a fake dmr repeater to BM and staticly connect slot 2 to a cluster and slot 1 to a tg all this from the sysop selfcare fash board. Then I would connect that fake repeater to an xlx reflector
 slot 1 would be module D and slot 2 would connect to module E and the transcoding would be done on the xlxd server. Wiuld that be a possible thing? I have the possibility to decode/encode with 6 dvdongle. Sounds good or I am missing something? And what would be the software sequence I would need to acheive this