DMR Bridge ID

Carlos Minguela

Hi, I currently have a DMR Bridge working very well. I have it linked with Allstar and Echolink. Excellent audio levels. The only problem I'm seeing is that when external users connect to my Allstar or Echolink node, my ID information comes to DMR. There will be some way to create an ID that is called <Call Sign> Bridge or <Call Sign> Multimode in this way when a user uses my Allstar node or Echolink node, does not use my DMR personal ID? Thanks for any help provided.


Pues Carlos, no hay ningun modo. porque tu eres el nodo que haces los enlaces. Echolink es lo mismo. Cuando tu hablas por un nodo Echolink, sal siempre el indicatico del dueño del nodo y nunca el tuyo.

Well Carlos, there is no way. because you are the node that makes the links. Echolink is the same. When you speak for an Echolink node, always leave the indicative of the owner of the node and never yours.

Chris WB4ULK

Depending on where you are seeing it, there are 2 places to change this.
You can change it in your self care page on the aprs id  for that node.
Changing it in the callsign area of you mmdvm.ini will affect another area.
just be aware, when you edit the call to a non-conventional call in the callsign of the .ini, the node will no longer show up in the “my hotspots” area on your BM dashboard. It will still work, but you won’t be able to see it until you put just your callsign back in.
I have mine set to 975 Bridge
on BM it shows up as 975 Bridge in last heard.
That is my “call sign”
in aprs I have it set to Analog as call sign.
each one affects a different column in last heard.

Carlos Minguela

Thanks Valentino and Chris.  Chris, that's definitely what I have to do. Thank you..