IPSC-bridge Dmrlink and HBlink3: help for how to #best_practices #dmrlink #hblink


Hi all,
i'd like to connect our Hblink3 to some Motorola repeaters.
Here i'd like to share what I think to have understooded to check if is it right and\or what I should do to get my goal.
I think this post could be usefull to make and edit a Wiki about it. 
I apologize for the large number of questions in one post.
So, these are my notes (please correct and review it):
System should be configured in this way:
Prerequisites/ Starting points: Hblink3 fully working (with dmr_utils3 installed too)
Moto Rpt <---> dmrlink <--> IPSC_link <--> Hblink3<--> Rest of Wolrld  
ip   ip
port   port
password   password
1) #download packets
git clone -b HB_Bridge https://github.com/n0mjs710/HBlink.git   (it will make a dir /hblnk)
git clone -b IPSC_Bridge https://github.com/n0mjs710/DMRlink.git
2) installing dmrlnk\Ipsc_bridge ./mk-dmrlink  After that is it necessary or usefull merge dmr_link directory with dmr:link3 ???
installing Hb_bridge... How? Is it self executing without any kind of installation? Or is  it simply necessary merge Hblink3 with this hblink?
3) Configure dmrlink: which are main config files? IPSC_bridge.cfg? dmrlink.cfg?
Configure HB_bridge: which are main config files (can we use only hblink3 configs?)
4) Executing dmrlink alone for testing: $ sudo python3 dmrlink.py  ????? IPSC_bridge.py ??? Both of these? None of these?
Stop dmrlink
Executing Hb_bridge alone for testing: $ sudo python3 .....bridge.py ???? (which is executable file from HB_Bridge)
Thank you in advance for yours tips and tricks.


I am at the same place. I have HBlink up and running and am preparing to install dmrlink to bring my Moto repeaters into the mix. I noted the cautions of considering install options for dmrlink and want to better understand the pros and cons of using mk vs. sh. Are there advantages of one over the other or better facilitation of management down the road of other modules or functionalities are added? 


After several weeks testing and check I am near to goal installing Dmrlink in following way:

(snipping commands to install all python library needed...)

"sudo python -m pip install --user dmr_utils"

I found that normal commands to install dmr_utils python library seems not working

you can try to use folowing commands too:

git clone https://github.com/n0mjs710/dmr_utils.git
cd dmr_utils/
pip install .

Using mk\sh  didn't work for me.



I have my network running... almost. I scrapped the whole thing and started by loading dmrlink and IPSC_bridge. I got things working there with a Moto 8300 linking through to a Motorola Master with 7 other repeaters connected to it so assumed all was good. I then set up my HBliink and have a few hotspots linking through it. I then set a second Moto 8300 repeater connecting to DMRlink which works except it is not linking to the first repeater. Each can talk into all the others on the Moto Master but the two will not connect to each other. I also do not have a successful link between the dmrlink and HBlink3 system. I am guessing I am missing a bridge profile or something. Baby steps. I will keep hammering at it and hope someone who has "been here done this" my offer up a few tips.