DMR ID's for ASL

Steve N4IRS

As of now, ambe_audio uses a fixed DMR ID that all analog traffic appears to be coming from. Mike and I talked about the possibility that Analog_bridge could determine the ASL node actually transmitting. Something like, the analog traffic is coming from ASL node 2150. A lookup in the ASL node list points to N4IRS as the node call sign. A lookup in the subscriber_ids.csv would return 3112138. The Metadata could be synthesized so that the traffic is coming from 3112138 rather then a fixed DMR ID. This all take time. The updatenodelist script that creates the ASL node list COULD create a second node list containing associated DMR IDs so that a single lookup by Analog_bridge would be required.  

David KE6UPI

Does anyone know how to register a new DMR ID so when someone uses the ASL side. The name would show ASL XXXX? That way we know is a ASL user. Any thoughts?

Thanks, David

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