Will it be possible in the future to interconnect HYTERA repeaters with HBLINK?

EA5GVK Joaquin

Will it be possible in the future to interconnect HYTERA repeaters with HBLINK?
And also is interest interconnect HBLINK direct a PBX Asterisk.
Many thanks. And excellent idea it groups the information about HBLINK, EXCELLENT PROJECT.

Steve N4IRS

Would it be possible to be connect a Hytera repeater? Without looking at how Hytera repeaters communicate, a qualified yes. Since HBlink and DMRlink are open source, someone could add support for other repeaters and protocols. We do not have the time or the equipment to do the extensive work to reverse engineer the Hytera communications.

As to Asterisk as a PBX, The method we use to comment DMRlink and HBlink to AllStarLink which is built on Asterisk, could be adapted. Analog_bridge communicates with AllStarLink using the chan_usrp channel driver..

Steve N4IRSĀ 

EA5GVK Joaquin

Ok, Many thanks.
Hopefully, some colleague can get code for HBLINK interconnection with repeater Hytera.
Also, if someone experiences with direct HBLINK connection with PBX, it would be fantastic.
Thank you very much and very interesting this group.

Chris WB4ULK


I know I have seen it mentioned before that someone was willing to send a Hytera repeater and the response was "Maybe when I have the time". Close to that anyway.

If anyone has reached the point where they have the time or the inclination to look into it, I will be glad to send out a Hytera repeater for that exploration.

I'm not pushing, just want to offer.


Igor Videc


I haven't tried myself but you should look into Hytera-DMRGateway as implemented in Austria:


I think this way you could connect DMRGateway to HBlink.