Running test...


Here is what I am  running


AST Network  ß à  AST NODE ß à Analog_Bridge ß à HB_Bridge ß à MMDVM repeater .


Just fixed the long  PTT release from  AST ...


Still in test but had a couple of  flawless QSO  ..... Looks very  good



Next step is to figure out  how to put  DV_Switch in my configuration  .


Will experiment  hb_confbridge_rules  with hblink config for MASTER-1 CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2


MASTER-1  to mmdvm

CLIENT-1 to BM network...                         (TS1 TG3027)

CLIENT-2 to  Analog_Bridge   and  AST     ( TS2 TG9)


Adding more as I  start to implement ...


Will try to run  of hb_confbridge/hblink from one folder for MASTER-1 and CLIENT-1

and another instance of  HB-Bridge/hblink   from another folder for CLIENT-2


Am I on the right track  ?????







Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10