Can you have several instances of Dvswicth running in different folders with the

EA5GVK Joaquin

I want to have several DVSwitch users running on the same raspberry pi.
I have different folders for the main user, with their mmdvm_bridge, analog_bridge and md380-emu.
And in a different folder I have a secondary user, with the same folders mmdvm_bridge, analog_bridge and md380-emu.
Of course I have changed ports in DVSwitch.ini from the MMDVM_Bridge folder.
But do you have to change anything in the script of the second user?
Many thx.

Carlos Minguela

Hi Joaquin.  Yes, I think that you have to change the script on the  Attached I show you where. I think that you have to point the new folders there. By the way, thank you for your help with my HBlink.  Thank you very much. 

Puerto Rico


I think function getABInfoFileName is the key.