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Are you attempting to build the Allstar node from scratch, or are you using the pre-configured Allstar distributions?

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Patrick Perdue

Unfortunately, I can’t really help, other than to ask if you are attempting this installation on Debian Buster. A friend recently ran into this, and ended up using stretch instead, because it just worked.

On Apr 29, 2020, at 01:06, Dexter Harroo <dex.9y4c@...> wrote:

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I have been doing some reading and tinkering and based on this i discovered that libcurl3 is missing from my install and is needed to get allstarlink going
allstarlink is dependent on asl-asterisk which is dependent on libcurl3
so in order to move forward i need to get libcurl3 installed then all should be good, but I am unable to get it to install as it has been replaced by libcurl4
can someone assist here, Steve can you help?