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Hi Rudy,
I have done that and have setup  all ini files the same way you did but it does not work. I can hear others talking on the Brandmeister TG but when I talk into the DMR HT connected to this TG nothing to hear on the XLX Reflector side and when I talk into the HT connected to the XLX side nothing comes up on the DMR side.

Rudy N6DOZ

Steve suggested using BrandMeister SelfCare and placing a static TG to the DMRid (+SSid) that you use.

I ended up setting something like 313540499 (99 being the SSid) to be used for my purpose and placed the TG that it bridges to.


Hello All,
A while ago, I have setup successfully two separate bridges one from BM to YSF and one from YSF to XLX. Worked fine for a while.

Now somebody connects every few minutes via a YSF Gateway from outside and starts to do brief connects like 5-10 within a few seconds shortly after my YSF Reflector is rebooted. For sure, that triggers the BM Loopban block and generates the dreaded "crkcrkcrk" Message that translates to "user blocked"
Instead of a Callsign it only shows NOCALL and the Callsign of the gateway it is coming from.

The idea now is to connect XLX direct to a BM TG and shut down the YSF Reflector alltogether. I have read the whole thread above but It´s not clear to me where I put the TG in that I want to connect to on BM.
I do not want to use DMRGateway, as Steve mentioned it can be done just with 2 MB instances. Where do I put the TG  (i assume somewhere in DVSwitch.ini??) and how can I check if I have the latest Version of MMDVM_Bridge installed (Steve mentioned earlier that there is a new Version that enables this connect between XLX and BM TG)

Any help is greatly appreciated