ASL <-> P25 howto document

Steve N4IRS

Thanks to Tom, K5TRA we have a new instruction document. <>
The document will help you build an ASL <-> P25 Bridge (includes a P25 Reflector) This is a no frills document. Tom shows you what files to edit and what fields to change. Includes some basic troubleshooting tips.

I like the simplicity of this. One of my favorite parts is that Tom ONLY changes the fields that need to change. Nothing more. Since the covers Analog_Bridge, MMDVM_Bridge and P25Gateway this is a good document for anyone bridging to P25 or connecting a Quantar to the P25 MMDVM Network for that matter. The document highlights one of the most basic principles of DVSwitch. That is the fact that most of the default settings just work. You don't have to edit every field in every file. If you understand the basic concept of DVSwitch you can get up and running pretty quickly. I'll leave it at this since it tells most everything you need to know:


A very large thank you to Tom for taking the time to create the document.