YHSF/Fusion Reflector Troubles

Austin [KN4GCP]

I'm new to groups.io, but a fellow Ham suggested I come join this group, in an effort to help figure out where perhaps I am going wrong in my setup of a YSF/Fusion Reflector.

We will be bridging this Reflector to a pre-existing DMR [specifically Brandmeister] talk group, but first we're just trying to get the YSF Reflector up and running.

I followed the guide at YSFReflector-Registry website, doing the installation manually, and port-forwarded the necessary ports to the server located on my network. The reflector has been properly registered with the registry website, inserting all the correct information, and at first, it was working. The website was reporting that it saw the reflector up and running.

However, this morning when I went to go check on the reflector, I logged into the registry site, and it said that it could not be pinged. Checking the Virtual Machine, every indication showed me that it was running properly (the guide described that two processes should be running, and both were), and it wasn't spitting out any errors, other than to say that "No Repeaters/Gateways Linked".

The VM is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, running on
  • 1 core,
  • 1 vCPU,
  • 2GB RAM.
The Dell R720 server:
  • runs XCP-ng version 8.1,
  • has Traffic sent out via the onboard NIC
  • has 3 of the 4 ports that handle the traffic, bonded via "LACP with load balancing based on source MAC address"
  • has the fourth network port is connected to the management network.
All traffic is sent through a 3750X Cisco switch, before being routed to the virtualized Pfsense router, and then sent out my network.
The ports that have been forwarded on my router, are
  • 42002 for the Reflector, and
  • 443 for the dashboard.

I'm using dynamic DNS to provide an address for the registry to poll, through no-ip. The host address is metarollover.ddns.net, with the dashboard located at https://metarollover.ddns.net/.

Also, yes, the server does have a static IP address on my network.

Thanks for any help given.

Last Minute Update:

So, I restarted the VM (again), just to check and make sure before I go asking for help, and for whatever reason the site is now able to ping the reflector, but I'm still not able to access the reflector? I'm using an FT3DR, and a MMDVM hotspot, but for whatever reason, when I key in the room's ID (50755) it doesn't connect. When I search for it, it doesn't show up in the results list. I'm not sure if it takes awhile for the group to show up, or if maybe there's still something wrong here.