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Do you have port forwarding setup on the router?

Pete Fierro <overthetop52@...>

  Hi Guys

   I'm running two pi's on DV switch on DMR on two different TG's.In MMDVM.INI I have my DMR ID along with two different numbers appended at the end of my ID.(05,06)on both pi's

   I'm getting crossover every time someone is on a hotspot for some reason.If I'm  on one pi,sometimes I can hear a qso on the other pi.Is there a fix for this?IAX.CONF in allstar,the IAX port is different as well.I even went so far as to change the private node ID in RPT.CONF to read different numbers to no avail.

  On the brandmeister site I have my DMR ID's there as well as the two digits appended there too.Whats going on?